Take a dive into the process in creating my artwork with my amazing time-lapse videos!

Featured:Watering Hole

This artwork pictures an amazing shot of African elephants on the beach by using pyrography to hand-burn the elephants and watercolor to create the lake. With seventeen hours of work compressed to four minutes, this time-lapse video of the Watering Hole is stunning.

Elephant’s Journey

Watch the creation of this simple but elegant wood burning of the elephant family making their journey to the waterhole.


From capturing the perfect moment to transforming it to stunning piece of artwork, this time-lapse video shows the creation of Unwavering--a one of a kind hand-made wood burning. This piece was based on an original photo which was then hand burned with pyrography and finished with watercolor.

Africa’s Story

Watch as this hand made artwork come to life with my time-lapse video. With over ten hours of work, Africa's Story stands as a one of a kind piece, perfect for any wall. Based on an original photo, this piece feature an elephant family which was wood burned with pyrography and a beautiful lake which was painted with watercolor.

africa’s Beauty

Africa's Beauty displays just that, the beauty of Africa. It does this by a gorgeous sunset that captures a silhouette outline of a tree and a giraffe couple making their way across the African plain. Watch this amazing piece of artwork come to life with this time-lapse video.

sunset stroll

Sunset Stroll is a time-lapse video of my wood burning and painting of African wildlife taking a stroll along the river. With about four hours of work into four minutes, it is fun to watch the progress of this hand created piece.

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