A Failed Artist

My heart sank as I made the thirty minute drive back home. I had failed. My art career had ended before it had even started. What was I going to do now? Should I just give up? Maybe my art is not as good as everyone says.

This is how I felt as I drove home from my first art show in Greenville, SC. But let me back up and explain how I had got to this point. 

My freshman year of college had began with excitement and enthusiasm. I was making new friends, enjoying classes, and loving my job on campus. The problem? I did not want to wait until I graduated to make a difference in the art world. I had come to realize two things: 

  • Pyrography was not viewed as fine art

  • Pyrography was not readily available for people to enjoy

Although I had no capital to start a business, I quit my campus job in order to change that.

My first art show in November 2016

My first art show in November 2016

I figured that selling at art shows was my best bet in getting my new career off the ground. For the next several weeks I got ready. With a friends help I purchased a huge amount of wood and got to work wood burning. Looking back, I am surprised I was never forced to stop as my dorm room become my office.

The day the art show arrived, I was ready. I nervously set up for the one day event and waited for a sale out. At least that is what I thought. However, my hopes were dashed to pieces as I walked away from my first art show with nothing but the art I walked in with. In disappointment, I never went to an art show for another two years and had to get a different job.

My latest art show in May 2019

My latest art show in May 2019

Although I did not succeed so many years ago, I used my failure to start Xulon Burning where I continue my dream. Not only am I helping pyrography be viewed as fine art, I am providing you with unique wood burnings to create a home you love. My failure became part of my success. That is what made all the difference.

What is an example of a failure that you learned from and turned it into a success?

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