My story begins in Zambia where I was born. Before you ask, I did not grow up in a hut with a pet lion—although that would have been awesome. My parents moved to Kitwe, the second largest city in Zambia, to establish churches in order to share with people the good news of Christ. I would never exchange the opportunity I had to learn and love various people and their cultures. Of course, growing up in Africa, my love for wildlife grew as I got to experience them on a regular basis(I even got to ride an African elephant once).

Wood burning was a past time for me growing up as I loved creating little gifts for people. When I moved back to the US for college, I began to expand on my artwork and create detailed pieces of African wildlife. But I was still content to do artwork for family and friends.

However, I noticed two things in the art world. One, pyrography was not considered fine art. Two, there is few unique wood burnings available for you to enjoy. I wanted to change that for you. In 2018, Xulon Burning was founded to provide you with unique art by hand-crafting wood burnings to create homes you love.

Collin Hunt

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